New Urban Mechanics – Utah Valley

New Urban Mechanics is the civic innovation hub for Utah’s Wasatch Front. In partnership with our sister offices in Boston & Philadelphia, we develop cutting-edge solutions to complex public problems such as crime, homelessness, civic engagement, and public safety.
Our two-fold mission is to create value for the rural and urban communities of Utah through applied research; rapid, low-cost prototyping, and user-centered solution design. Our student-led work creates opportunities for advanced engaged learning that enable our graduates to realize their full professional potential.

It is our pleasure to serve mayors, councils, commissioners, city managers, state legislators, and department heads seeking better, cheaper,  faster, and smarter solutions to public problems.

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Civic Innovation Summit

Each spring the Office of New Urban Mechanics at Utah Valley hosts the Civic Innovation Summit – an international gathering to exchange ideas, and learn from civic innovators from communities both rural and urban, large and small.

May 17-18, 2018